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Dr. Orth specializes in all types of contact lenses from routine to complicated cases. If you've never been able to wear contact lenses, come see us. Contact lens science has made a lot of progress in recent years, and there are a lot of new, more comfortable contact lens options. If you already wear contacts but haven't updated your prescription in awhile, we can improve your vision and comfort with the new technology.

Dry Eyes

The most common reason that people stop wearing contact lenses, usually over the age of 30, is dry eyes. New technology in contact lens materials, daily disposable lenses, new contact lens care solutions, modern lubricating drops, even medications and punctal plugs can be utilized to make your contact lenses more comfortable again.

Astigmatism Contact Lenses

If you've been told that you can not wear contacts due to your astigmatism, we have new lens technology in many different brands of lenses to make your eyes see and feel better. Newer designs are more stable on the eye to help prevent blur from rotation of the lens.

Bifocal Contact Lenses? Yes, It's True

If you're a contact lens wearer over 40, you may have noticed that contacts are becoming less clear with close vision. As we age, the eye gradually loses its ability to focus up close, also known as presbyopia. We offer bifocal contact lenses to help improve your near and far vision.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

RGPs typically provide clearer and sharper vision than soft lenses.They are more durable and resistant to deposit buildup. They tend to be easier to handle and less likely to tear. RGPs take a few weeks to get used to compared to soft lenses.


Keratoconus is a disorder that results in the thinning of the cornea. The condition generally affects both eyes, but one eye tends to be more advance than the other. In the beginning stages of keratoconus, patients may be able to acheive good vision with glasses and soft contact lenses. As the condition progresses, and the corneal surface irregularities increase glasses and contact lenses may no longer provide acceptable vision. As a result, custom fitted RGP contact lenses may be necessary to restore optimal vision.

Colored Contact Lenses

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you'd like to go for a completely new look, what better way than changing your eye color with our tinted or colored contact lenses? We offer a variety of colors from subtle color changes to stunning new looks. Come see our expert opticians to learn more.

Post Lasik /Post Refractive Eye Surgery

If you have unacceptable results from LASIK or other refractive eye surgery, and are unhappy with your vision, call us and schedule an appointment with Dr. Orth. There are custom contact lenses that can help improve your vision — especially if a follow-up surgical procedure or enhancement is not possible.

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